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This is a guest publish by Laura of A Wandering Sole. Laura has been a solo female traveler for a number of years as well as has journeyed everywhere from Jordan to Namibia to Egypt. Laura will be composing a column on female travel for this site every other week. As much as I like to write, this is one topic I’m clueless about. So take it away, Laura.

É perigoso. exactly how will you get there? Onde você vai ficar? Por você mesmo? But, you’re a girl!

If you’re female as well as have an rate of interest in travel, then you’ve most likely heard these things before. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had somebody criticize my travels — where I go, exactly how I go, or the truth that I go myself. I’m currently on a round-the-world trip, as well as I can guarantee you that solo female travel is an incredible experience as well as one that you should not miss out on because of fears as well as hesitations. right here are five reasons it’s risk-free to travel alone:

The world is small.
Even strange, foreign lands usually have some connection to your house country. Whether a buddy of a buddy lives there or you have a shared rate of interest with regional people, you discover connections anywhere you go. If you’re planning your very first trip, I don’t suggest heading to the middle of a war zone or to a remote island in the Pacific where you can’t speak the language. look for a location you can associate to, whether it’s with people, activities, or culture. It can assist simplicity you into this lifestyle.

The info is out there.
There are endless resources for planning a holiday or prolonged trip. these days you can get advice from guidebooks, travel forums, blogs, Twitter, as well as fellow travelers. If you do research study ahead of time, you will feel more positive about the locations you travel to. I always look up problems of safety, costs, as well as culture before I go. Researching your meant destination can response all of the concerns you may have about your selected destination as well as will likely dispel any type of hesitations holding you back.

It’s not as dangerous as they say.
If I look back on the times when people have told me, “Don’t go there!” or “You may die!” it’s mainly advice from people who have never been to those locations as well as have never done any type of research study on them. The press is extremely influential. I can’t tell you exactly how many times I’ve checked out worldwide press protection that is flat-out wrong. You requirement to discover credible sources as well as advice from people who understand what they’re speaking about.

I when mentioned to my parents that I had plans to go to Rwanda. My concerned father told me, “You’re not going.” He was obviously worried about Rwanda’s tumultuous past. had he done his research, he would have understood that Rwanda is the safest country in east Africa. when he researched it, I never heard one more word about it. The criminal offense rates in your backyard can be just as poor as the destination you’re headed to, if not worse.

You’re never truly alone.
So you’ve decided to go on a trip solo, however you’re afraid of feeling lonely. I had my hesitations before setting out on this trip. I spent the very first 150 days on the road by “myself,” however really, I only spent about three of those days totally alone. I just satisfied so many people on the way.

Even with just a bit effort, you’ll satisfy people on your travels. Whether it’s with your guesthouse, sightseeing, or sitting at a café, you’ll be surprised at exactly how striking up a bit of little talk will lead to new travel friends as well as lasting friendships. If you’re worried about it, look up hostels or guesthouses in advance. Make plans to take part in day trips where you’ll satisfy other like-minded travelers.

Take basic precautions.
Maybe you understand somebody who was mugged in Brazil, pickpocketed in Italy, or robbed in South Africa. That can occur anywhere, so I just comply with some typical sense. I take precautions. I don’t go out at night alone in most cities, I take a dependable taxi service instead of the public bus on occasion, as well as I’ve been understood to pay a bit more for lodging that has a 24-hour security guard quando necessário.

Sometimes, people are just in the wrong location at the wrong time. frequently they were careless or should have been much better prepared. I like a inexpensive hostel, I enjoy regional bus rides, as well as who doesn’t like to go out at night for a great time? however when my security is involved, I prevent all of these things. If you’ve done your research, then take precautions that show the general security of the place.

If you don’t go, you’ll be missing out on many remarkable locations as well as incredible experiences. many of our fears about traveling as a female are unfounded when we get right down to it. WitH Algum planejamento e gosto de aventura, você pode embarcar em sua viagem de sonho e deixar esses medos e hesitações para trás, mesmo que você seja uma garota!

Laura Walker dirige o site com uma sola errante. Atualmente, ela reside em Portland, onde administra Amsha, uma marca de acessórios e produtos da House criados na África Oriental. Além de administrar seus negócios, Laura trabalha como treinadora de tarefas para refugiados recentemente mostrados em sua cidade. Ela trabalha com clientes de todo o mundo e utiliza sua compreensão restrita de suaíli para atender clientes congolesa. Ela também serve clientes do Oriente Médio, Ásia, outros países da África, América Central e Cuba.

Reserve sua viagem: Dicas logísticas e truques
Reserve seu voo
Encontre um voo barato utilizando o Skyscanner. É o meu mecanismo de navegação preferido, pois pesquisa sites e companhias aéreas em todo o mundo, para que você sempre entenda que nenhuma pedra é deixada sobre

Reserve sua acomodação
Você pode reservar seu albergue com o Hostelworld. Se você deseja ficar em algum lugar que não seja um albergue, utilize o booking.com, pois eles consistentemente retornam as taxas mais baratas para as pousadas e os hotéis.

Não deixe de lembrar o seguro de viagem
A cobertura de seguro de viagem o protegerá contra doenças, lesões, roubo e cancelamentos. É uma segurança abrangente na situação, tudo dá errado. Eu nunca viajo sem ele, pois tive que utilizá -lo muitas vezes no passado. Meu negócio preferido que oferece o melhor serviço e valor são:

Segurança (melhor para todos)

Assegure minha viagem (para aqueles com mais de 70 anos)

MedJet (para cobertura extra de evacuação)

Pronto para reservar sua viagem?
Confira minha página de recursos para obter o melhor negócio para utilizar ao viajar. Eu listo todos os que utilizo quando viajo. Eles são os melhores da sala de aula, assim como você não pode errar, utilizando -os em sua viagem.

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